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Instructor Jim

Instructor Jim

A family man that...

Instructor John

Instructor John Hernandez has resided in South Florida nearly 26 years.  John has a unique martial arts history with specialized training and is always striving for new ways to positively influence Extreme Velocity Martial Arts students and after school participants.  He is passionate about the growth and development of each student and enjoys how much he learns from them in return.  John ensures all martial arts students, after school and camp participants learn the importance of structure, preparedness and respect.


Since 1985, Instructor John has devoted his time to Ninjutsu under Bujnken (Budo Tajutsu) Training.  He has trained with many great martial artists such as Blaine and Luke Rhinehart, Leonard Pollard, Mario Yamasaki, Will Maier, Paul Masse, Edson Diniz and Stephen Hayes. 


John received his Shodan under Will Maier in 1992 and is currently a Shidoshi-ho (4th Dan) under the tutolage of Shidoshi (8th Dan) Juan Hernandez, a direct student of (Soke) Masaaki Hatsumi.  He continues to train and guide others in this art. He is currently working towards going to Japan to train with Soke Hatsumi.


Instructor John is enthusiastic about being a positive influence in each student’s life and concentrates on ways to guide each student to achieve greatness within themselves.  He is a large contributor to the Extreme Velocity Team and has implemented new programs for youth martial arts, the after school program and the winter, spring and summer camps. 

Mrs. Caroline

Caroline has lived in South Florida for the past 3 years and has always loved working with children. She has a varied background in fields such as the military, business and administration. She received a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science in 2017.

For Caroline, joining Extreme Velocity Martial Arts as the After School Director has brought the dream of working with children to life. As a Declutter Coach/Life Coach, her studies have included the belief systems we learn as children and how our habits and behaviors are affected by these beliefs when we become adults. She has a unique, compassionate approach with the students and has created many different programs for them to grow and monitor individual progress and achievements.

The unconditional love she has for children shows up in how she guides them. Caroline brings a positive dynamic to Extreme Velocity that blends well with the teachings of marital arts. With her background in the military, she fuses discipline, respect, and belief in themselves, self-empowerment and self-love, in showing children how to make good choices.

Caroline has been working on her own personal development through research and courses for over 25 years which led her to combine her gifts and skills into a cohesive program that guides and assists others in working through anxiety, overwhelm and breaking through unconscious belief system in her work through decluttering.

She has two children, ages 29 and 23 and volunteered as a grief facilitator at Tomorrow’s Rainbow, where they incorporate miniature horse interactions and therapeutic play for children who have experienced a loved one passing away.

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