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UFC Heavyweight Greg Hardy (left) and Coach Billy Padden (right)

  • Coach Billy Padden is a product of the ultra tough Philadelphia boxing gyms. He was trained by the legendary Willie Reddish Sr and Jr. The trainer of Sonny Liston, Gypsy Joe Harris , Gil Turner , Sugar Hart, Curtis Parker, Toothpick Brown and many others.      


  • Coach Padden won two national collegiate title and was a three time All American in three different weight classes. He has been training elite fighter for 40 years. From UFC superstars to World boxing champions . He has appeared on HBO several times both as a fighter and Coach. He has worked in over 10 World Title Camps.


  • Coach Padden adapts the Philadelphia professional boxing style where your offense becomes your defense . The punch you throw doesn't have to land but it has to take away the opponent's punch route. This is critical to not only maximize your chance of victory but more importantly, minimizing your chance of injury. 


  • Coach Padden appears numerous times on Google and YouTube and is arguably one of the best trainers in the game. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and is an expert on conditioning. 


  • Coach Padden's love for his sport and students blend naturally, making him a phenomenal coach for people from all levels of expertise in the Combat Art he has spent years mastering.

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