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What is Muay Thai?

     Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing is a striking art developed and refined in Thailand. Going a step beyond conventional boxing, this art utilizes the entire body as a weapon, hence the name "The Art of the Eight Limbs". With hundreds of years of development and refinement behind it, Muay Thai is widely considered the most effective stand up striking art across the different ranges a striking battle can take place at. Not only is it highly effective in competition such as MMA, it can be a tried and true, battle tested style when used as a form of self defense.  

    In addition to it being a great way to learn to defend yourself, it is also phenomenal for getting into shape as the average hour of Muay Thai can burn you up to one thousand calories. With it comes increased flexibility, a stronger core and increased arm strength, coordination, agility, discipline, and confidence. It is challenging, fun,  and great for all skill levels.


Come in and try it today!

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