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Instructor Jim

Self-Defense and Mixed Martial Arts Master

Instructor Jim’s passion for martial arts began at the age of five as he jumped off his parents’ furniture attempting high flying kicks and punches all through the house.  Unfortunate circumstances kept him from any formal martial arts training until he was an adult with his own means of transportation and the ability to pay for instruction. From the moment he started his martial arts journey, that fire never died!


He is proud to say he has been practicing and instructing martial arts for over thirty years. Throughout those years his desire, motivation and purpose to practice and teach martial arts has continued to evolve.  He has been fortunate to have the opportunity to explore and train in multiple styles of martial arts which allowed for a more comprehensive and effective understanding of a well-rounded martial arts background.


The youth program at Extreme Velocity Martial Arts Boca Raton was inspired and created with the same thoughts and wishes of every parent with the self-empowerment and safety of our children at the forefront. Jim is a father of two children and was able to witness first-hand the significantly positive impact that both received because of their martial arts training.  As a father himself, Jim was driven to use his diverse knowledge to customize a program for kids that focuses on positive physical, mental and emotional development of each student using martial arts as a tool.  This unique approach has afforded each student the ability to learn at their own pace while forming independent self-defense techniques.  The exclusive goal of each student can be reached regardless of size, strength or athletic ability.  Each method is carefully chosen so whether standing, on the ground or anywhere in between, students are grasping the tools necessary to protect themselves.


Over the years, Jim has successfully incorporated his youth martial arts classes with an after-school program.  The kids have designated homework and study time before preparing for their weekly martial arts lessons.  He has also positively expanded to summer, winter and spring break camps that offer fitness games, daily excursions and field trips, team building.  All camp attendees may take a class as well to introduce them to the world of martial arts.


Jim’s sole belief has played a significant role in his martial arts journey.  It promotes martial arts offering an environment in which you never truly stop learning.  Regardless of today’s many designations of achievement or mastery by instructors, every martial artist must keep searching for truth while understanding the importance of willingly remaining a student as well as a teacher.  By embracing this idea in today’s rapidly ever-changing world, will we ensure that we never stop learning, growing and evolving.  This passion is behind Jim’s instruction in the hopes that each and every student will utilize their full potential to achieve any endeavor they choose and to become the very best they can be!


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