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Our students are taught from many diverse styles and techniques. We have studied multiple styles and have chosen what we believe to be the best techniques from each one for a given situation. We do this by looking at situations and the danger each one holds. Then putting ourselves in the child's "shoes" and what the best technique would be to use for that particular issue. For instance, most dangerous situations tend to begin while standing. If there is room to move away certain kicks and/or punches (Taekwondo or Karate) might be used. If the perpetrator is very close and there's not room to kick or punch the best solution may be an elbow or knee (Muay Thai). Maybe the student finds him/her self on the ground, this is where maybe an armbar or kimura (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is the best used technique. All in all we believe that the more knowledge our students have, the more of an opportunity they will have in succeeding in staying safe.

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